Ceramic Zirco-Blocks Gauge Blocks

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Metric & Imperial Sizes Available
Supplied With UKAS Certificate
Manufactured in the UK by Opus
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Opus ceramic gauge blocks (Zirco-Blocks) are manufactured from an exceptionally pure grade of  zirconia ceramic.

The commonly held belief that all ceramic materials are brittle and prone to catastrophic failure can now be dispelled with the remarkable zirconia ceramic material which used to manufacture Opus Zirco Gauge Blocks

Opus Zirco Gauge Blocks are an effective substitute for the traditional steel gauge blocks and out perform them in many applications.

The exceptional material combined with Opus’s specially developed lapping techniques produces a gauge of exceptional quality and value.

Opus Ceramic Gauge Blocks are rigorously checked for flatness of their measuring surfaces using a laser flatness interferometer.

Each gauge block is then calibrated in our own UKAS accredited laboratory for length and graded according to the relevant standard

Gauge blocks can be supplied in sets or as individual sizes, special sizes up to 100mm (4 inches) in length can also be supplied upon request.

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  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 9.7 x 10-6 per °C
  • Hardness: 1350 Hv
  • Youngs Modulus: 205 Gpa
  • Sizes 0.5mm to 100mm / 0.010" to 4.0"
  • Cross Section Sizes:
  • 10mm & Below 30mm x 9.0mm
  • Over 10mm 35mm x 9.0mm
  • Special sizes available

Key Features
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion close to steel
  • Good abrasion resistance - up to 10 times that of steel
  • Very high corrosion resistance
  • High thermal stability - does not react quickly to handling
  • Very good wringing properties
  • Highly resistant to knocks and drops
  • Does not burr easily

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